10 Ideas For Hiding A Well Cover In Your Yard

Having an attractive yard is essential to many homeowners, and having an unsightly well cover in your yard is often a pain to cover up. 

Thankfully, plenty of great landscaping projects are available to you to hide your well cover completely, many of which are relatively inexpensive, ingenious, and great-looking. 

Here are 10 ideas we love. 

how to hide well cover in your yard

Build A Small Decorative Building On Top Of Or Around The Well Cover

One of the most obvious ways to hide an unsightly well cover is to simply build a structure on top of it to distract from it. 

We love this idea on Pinterest, which looks like a little rustic cottage which could belong to a gnome or some other whimsical forest creature.

There are many ways to accomplish this relatively cheaply, such as using salvaged wood and other materials. 

Well covers aren’t very nice to look at, but the good thing about them is that they don’t take up a lot of space. 

This means you don’t need a large or extravagant building to cover them up; a tiny cottage like this one is perfect!

In addition to distracting from an unsightly pump and well cover, this lovely building idea will delight your friends and neighbors with its beautiful design and natural aesthetic. 

We highly recommend this if you don’t mind putting some work into building a structure like this one.

Plus, adding a functional door onto the structure will make it easy to access the well cover when needed.

Turn The Area Around The Well Cover Into A Utility Shed

This fantastic idea on Pinterest is a great way to turn your well cover into something more useful, like a shed or storage area for garden tools. 

With little more than some planks and pebbles, you’ll be able to get some practical use out of the area around the well cover taking up space in your yard.

Additionally, sprucing up the area helps install some attractive wooden planters like the ones in this particular pin. 

By turning the area into a utility shed and garden, nobody will ever even know there’s a well underneath it!

Other ways to elevate this idea further are decorative stone, hooks to hang tools onto for easy access, and even a roof on top of the structure to make it look extra spiffy. 

Sure, you’re welcome to just put walls around the cover and be done with it, but why not take the idea to the next level with some decor and plants?

Put A Decorative Outhouse-Style Building Over The Well Cover

This idea is another one we love because it’s so simple yet effective. 

All you need for this one is some wood and gravel to surround the area with, and you’ll have this adorably rustic outhouse in no time.

You’ll also be able to adjust the size of the building depending on the size of the well cover and how large you want the building to be. 

With the classic half-moon design on the door, this outhouse reminds us of another time when things were simpler.

Plus, you’re free to customize this one however you’d like. 

Use whatever kind of wood looks best in your yard and matches your aesthetic. 

Consider building a fence around it or adding planters and stepping stones to make it look even more authentic and natural.

Turn The Area Into A Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb or lots of plants you don’t know what to do with, why not use them to elevate the area around your well cover? 

With some woodchips, some large flowering plants like mums or hydrangea bushes, and whatever other decorations you choose, you’ll be able to quickly, easily, and cheaply turn the drab well cover into something truly magical.

We love this idea because you don’t need to be a skilled carpenter or designer to pull it off effectively. 

It also isn’t costly, and all the materials you’ll need are readily available at your local home and garden shop.

Consider putting up seating around the area for a comfortable outdoor lounge for family members and guests when they visit! 

They’ll never even know there’s a well cover lying underneath if you’re crafty enough with the way you decorate the area.

Build A “Cage” Around The Well Cover

This idea is clever in its simplicity, as it’s possible to use it to cover up not just your well cover but any other unsightly objects in your yard. 

Whether you use wood, metal, or other material, why not just build a cage around the well cover? 

It certainly looks a lot more attractive than what it’s covering up, and you have lots of options for customization if you choose.

Add a functional door on the front, and you’ll be able to access it easily. 

Perhaps add shelving or hooks on the inside or outside to use it for storage, too! 

Depending on the material you use to build the structure, you’ll likely be able to paint it or decorate it with other materials.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to add plants surrounding the cage to make it a bit easier on the eyes. 

Other potential options include adding bird and squirrel feeders around the area or attaching them to the building to turn it into a haven for backyard critters. 

This idea is surprisingly simple, but there are many ways to turn it into something extravagant if you wish. 

It’s up to you!

Cover The Well Cover With A Giant Planter Full Of Beautiful Flowers

Another ingeniously simple idea for hiding an ugly well cover in your yard is to just cover it with a giant planter! 

You don’t even necessarily have to fill it with flowers; an herb or vegetable garden is another excellent idea.

The planter in this pin is made of wood and full of flowers and bushes, but this one has a world of possibilities. 

Consider painting the planter with fun designs to match your yard’s aesthetic and adding flowers of the same color palette to match!

This idea works for various unsightly yard structures and is simple even for those of you who aren’t very skilled builders. 

You even have the option of buying a pre-made planter and then filling it up with the plants and flowers of your choice, but we think it’s a lot more fun to build it on your own from scratch if you have the time and finances to do so.

Customizing your planter will be a delight, especially if you have kids at home who want a fun project for a warm spring or summer afternoon. 

Perhaps let them choose their flowers and plants for the planter to contribute to the project in their way!

Use A Hollowed-Out Cover Designed To Look Like Natural Stone On Top Of The Well Cover

Sure, these decorative covers are designed for septic tanks, but if you’re able to find one large enough, it’ll easily hide a well cover, too. 

To further camouflage the area, consider buying lots of gravel and stones of varying sizes to turn it into a little rock garden in your backyard.

This clever stone decoration idea is possibly the quickest solution on this list, as all you need to do is plop the cover on top of the well cover. 

However, there are loads of ways to make this idea even more uniquely yours, like arranging stepping stones around the area and turning it into a sort of zen garden.

Additionally, consider adding seating like benches nearby to make the zen garden cozy and pleasant to be around. 

It’s a massive improvement from the well cover taking up space in your yard!

Whether you just use one cover-up “stone” and consider yourself done with it or elevate the area with lots of rocks, plants, and other decorations, you’ll be relieved when nobody can tell there was a well cover there in the first place.

Turn The Area Into An Outdoor Lounge For Family And Friends

If you’re willing to put a bit more effort into hiding the well cover in your yard, this outdoor cabana lounge area is an excellent option. 

There are tons of materials you have the option of using for something like this, from wood palettes to scrap metal, and you’ll love having a cozy area to escape to on a cool fall day.

Plus, if you’ve got any old furniture lying around and you just don’t know what else to do with it, consider repurposing it for this project. 

Alternatively, it’d be just as easy to find used furniture on local online marketplaces to recycle to be a bit more eco-friendly.

The possibilities are infinite with something like this because there are many ways to customize it and truly make it your own. 

In addition to effortlessly covering up a well cover or other unsightly structure in your backyard, it’ll provide you and your family with a great little cabana/gazebo sort of area for get-togethers and parties.

You don’t necessarily have to turn it into a cozy resting area; instead of the bed used in this pin, perhaps swap it out for a table and seating for a place to eat and hang out when the weather permits.

Cover The Well Cover With A Diy Fire Pit For Bonfires

No outdoor summer or fall party is complete without a bonfire to congregate around, so why not turn your well cover into a fire pit? 

We love how surprisingly simple this idea is since it looks like it’d take days or even weeks to complete, yet it only takes a couple of hours to set up if you have the suitable materials.

You have the option of just building the fire pit and being done with it, but there are plenty of opportunities to elevate this idea to something unique. 

By adding some seating or decorative rocks around the area, you’ll quickly turn it into the perfect spot for weekend hangouts with friends and family.

With little more than stones and wood, you’ll be able to turn your well cover into a lovely, cozy fire pit everyone in your family will love to come back to. 

And really, why stop at just building a fire pit? 

Add decorations, plants, rocks, and whatever else you think would add to your home and yard’s aesthetic. 

Maybe even add solar lighting and a walkway leading up to the fire pit to make it look even more inviting! 

Your guests will be in awe at this simple project, and they’ll never even know a well cover lies underneath.

Hide The Well Cover With A Large Planter And Decorative Rocks

The last idea on our list is possibly the most simple option for people with limited time and budgets; just hide the well cover with a giant planter like the one in this pin! 

Stick a wooden grate or palette over the well cover, and then just plop a potted plant full of flowers or herbs of your choice on top. 

And voila! 

You’ve got a lovely yet low-key and discreet lawn decoration in place of the unsightly well cover.

Additionally, it helps surround the area with decorative rocks or even just gravel or sand to make it blend in with your yard a bit more, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

Stepping stones are also a good option to put an attractive border around the area.

There are tons of plants for you to choose from to fill the planter with, from low-maintenance succulents to more elaborate flower bushes like hibiscus or roses. 

Regardless of what kinds you choose, you’ll be thankful you won’t have to look at the well cover anymore after completing this simple, inexpensive project.